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Fat Freddy's Drop



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Featuring nine tracks, Blackbird was written and recorded at Bays, the band’s own studio, which was one of the last vinyl pressing plants in New Zealand and then an apostolic church. Fitchie says, “What you hear on the album is the sound of Bays; the room itself, the vibe of the place and the performance we can get out of the band in there.”

“Blackbird is truer to FFD's musical philosophy than anything else we've done”, says Chopper Reeds. “The song structures are open and unruly - just like our live shows - whilst we've pushed ourselves to deliver rich and deeply layered arrangements that showcase Joe Dukie's exceptional voice. We feel totally at home melding together this unholy mix of disco, rootsy dub, blues, soul and electronic funk - it's what we do.”


  1. Blackbird
  2. Russia
  3. Clean The House
  4. Silver and Gold
  5. Bones
  6. Soldier
  7. Never Moving
  8. Mother Mother
  9. Bohannon
  10. Never Moving (The Original)
  11. Barney Miller
  12. Tropo
  13. So You Wanna
  14. Blue Logg
  15. Cheap Wine
  16. Maranouchi
  17. Yacht Ride Club

This deluxe version of the album features:

  • 8 previously unreleased tracks
  • 60 page case bound booklet with exclusive pictures and liner notes
  • Exclusive album interludes from the cutting room floor
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